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Libraries where I worked in Pennsylvania?  Newport, Blain, Lewistown, Mifflintown, Clarion and Knox.
Mifflin County Library
Juniata County Library

Clarion Free Public Library

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Best Library hat EVER!
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A foggy mountain drive
from Blain to State College
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A networking scenario.
I thought I went to Library school. :)
Long weekend in NYC.  Click here.    
Weekend in Pittsburgh.  Click here.    

Want to see what life is really like on the road?  Working all alone, in the middle of nowhere, tired, with nothing to do?  If you are lucky you are staying in a hotel that has a kitchen.  Hopefully a clean kitchen.  Residence Inn's are the only ones I will usually cook in.  The pots and pans are never high quality, but they work well enough to make your tomato soup or spaghetti or whatever comfort food you need.  Below is one such situation in PA:

Library photo here if you can view .gif files
The Newport Public Library.  Bad motherboard, good Library.
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PA Music Memories:  ELO's Strange Magic, Daft Punk with Discovery, Basement Jaxx's Rooty, two excellent homemade Smashing Pumpkins mix CD's and The Black Crowes Lions.  
more coming soon