Pictures From Within Wind Cave
right: They cal it wind cave because wind blows in or out ot the complex depending on atmospheric conditions.  During our visit the wind was blowing out.  I've circled the entrance hole and the ribbon the ranger is holding to demonstrate the winds strength. wpe17.jpg (37974 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (27820 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (22459 bytes) center: Doug pretends he is a  ranger too and drop his hat over the hole.  Unfortunately the wind had changed directions and his hat was sucked in.  No, not really.  right: reflective tape shows up well in a cave when your flash is on.
wpe21.jpg (21794 bytes) wpe5C.jpg (37223 bytes)
I am mystified by this strange and mysterious cement crystal deep inside the cave complex.
wpe60.jpg (42624 bytes)
There is something in here we were supposed to look at.  I'm not sure what it was. Maybe you can tell?
wpe35.jpg (21707 bytes)
Below you can see examples of the formations Wind Cave is most famous for: boxwork.  Boxwork is made by sediment filling cracks in rock.  The rock is worn away over millions of years and leaving behind the harder, stronger "mortar" that filled in between the cracks.  Initial visitors to the cave thought the "mortar" left behind resembled post office boxes, thus "boxwork".  Sometimes the formations resemble familiar objects, like the dinosaur looking below.  Other times, if you turn the flash on and stick your camera down a dark, dark hole and snap a pictures you get surprisingly beautiful results like the shot on the right.
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wpe37.jpg (62305 bytes) left:  Another unique type of formation within the Wind Cave complex is called popcorn. wpe33.jpg (37105 bytes)

more coming soon