South Dakota
This is a very colorful state and was an unusual trip in many respects.
I was fortunate enough to spend most of this trip working with Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Libraries.  Most of the trip was spent very near or even in Badlands National Park.  Of course, there are lots of other amazing things to see in this area.  Here are some pics and stories:
Guided Back Country Tour Cosmos Mystery Spot Mt. Rushmore
Flintstones Custer State Park Crazy Horse
Rapid City Speedway Badlands Hill City
Wind Cave-Caves and Bison Eeep! Dinosaurs! Chapel In The Hills
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Longhorn Saloon in Scenic, SD.  A genuine cowboy bar.  Sawdust on the floor and cans of Bud.  Nothing better after a long day of hiking and four wheelin'.
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An install in process at the Oglala Lakota College in Rapid City.
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Doug now also has buffalo meat.

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Here I give former president Jimmy Carter a high five for all his excellent work.

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The animatronic T-Rex at Wall Drug.
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This is NOT the horse I rode to the cowboy bar shown above.
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In the middle of nowhere, the booty shack?
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We met the girl who changes the population number on this sign from 67 to 69 after she and a friend moved to town.

The Wooden Knife Cafe.  Ansel Wooden Knife proprietor.   In addition to running this restaurant once featured on the Food Network's "Best Of" show, Ansel also does good work with the Senior Center on the Pine Ridge reservation.

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This points to the town of Food, SD.  Really!  Food, SD is very close to Scenic, SD.
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South Dakota sky
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The Lakota themed bedroom at the Wakpamni B&B.
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Wall Drug is full of unusual things.  Here's proof.

 more coming soon