Happy Campers
Deanne, Kara, Elizabeth, Brenda, Stacey, Kendra, Aaron and Phouc spend the weekend taking over a sprawling mountain chalet nestled into the hills overlooking Gatlinburg, TN.
Hang on!
White water rafting on the Pigeon River with Jeanne, Valerie, Kara, Stacy, Aaron and Deanne.
Holy Cow!
We had these for lunch at the soda shop/pharmacy/diner in Dandridge, TN.
Do not take internally.
TN cookies.JPG (37192 bytes)
Yummy homemade cookies and lemonade at the Jefferson City Library open house.
Awww, it's Bandit!  Hiding in the decks roof rafters.
This little guy was hiding in one of the decks roof beams.  Yes, I said one of the deck roofs.  The place was so big there were decks on two different floors!

   Tennessee came right on the heels of California for me.  CA is a tough act to follow in many respects but Tennessee has so many of it's own special wonders and traits to offer that it's really not fair to compare the two.  First of all you have the Smokey Mountains.  The mountains were our point of destination during the weekends.  I say our weekends because as you can see in the pictures there were a lot of us.  Sometimes it's hard to get groups of PACT's  together but here it worked out serendipitously.  We cooked a lot, grilled a lot, went white water rafting and hung around Gatlinburg a bit.  Have you been to Gatlinburg?  It's a trip.  Like Vegas with no gambling.  And bikers and country music fans.  None of these things are bad, but if you aren't ready for it there is a bit of a surprise.  This was my sixth visit to the area but was still something I really looked forward to.  It was extra nice because with eight trainers pooling their money together we could afford a really nice house to stay in.  We're talking hot tub, pool table, stereo, foosball table, separate bedrooms, the works.  Nice!

TN Jeffersoncity.JPG (50491 bytes)
The Jefferson City Librarians strike a pose for the camera.  Don't just stand there, lets get to it!

TN actionnews.JPG (40997 bytes)
Kent, Phouc and I are all equally amused at the attention we received from Action 10 news.

TN interview.JPG (35939 bytes)
I never saw the clip, but we heard there was a nice spot on the evening news that night about the computers and the Foundation's work in the area.

I said DOUBLE click, Mr. Mayor!
A clip from the Jefferson City paper

TN hair.JPG (26050 bytes)
Drivin', jammin' getting knots in my hair.  A couple of weeks later it would be gone.  Well most of it would be gone.
TN teach.JPG (69410 bytes)
Teaching some of the folks in the picture on the left.
My trip to Tennessee included working in the following Libraries: Jefferson City, Strawberry Plains, White Pine and Dandridge.
Parrott Wood
A clip featuring the fine folks at the Parrott-Wood Memorial Public Library in Strawberry Plains, TN.  Three television stations showed up here to shoot clips drawing attention to the hundreds of computers granted to libraries in the greater Knoxville area.  What fun!