Washington State
Beauteous Beyond Compare

There is so much I would like to share with you about Washington State.  At this point there are four Washington pages up.  These pages have information about my home base and favorite city in the U.S., Seattle!  You can start to learn about the life of an "On-Site Public Access Computing Trainer"/Librarian and get my take on working for the Gates Foundation.  There is also the story of a carnie in a giant inflatable cow suit, a picture of my Grandma at the EMP and an excellent photo or two crabs in love.  Interested?  Click an image below to begin your WA journey with me:

Washington I

Washington II

Washington III

Washington IV

Washington V
Family Visit

Washington VI
Mt. Vernon Tulip Festival

Washington VII
Tide Pools

More will be added to this page as new adventures unfold.  Stay tuned!