The Space Needle
Here are my Grandma, Aunt and Dad visiting the top of the Needle for the first time.
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Grandma looks out over Puget Sound during the elevator ride to the top of the Needle.
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Jody, Aunt Diane, Grandma and I at the top.
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Looking down on Lake Union.  The hotel my family stayed in was right next to this lake.
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Me and Grandma with downtown Seattle behind us.
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My dad liked this view of Puget Sound, Magnolia and Queen Anne.
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My dad and I strike a pose with Grandma.
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Downtown Seattle
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They've been to the top of the Space Needle and got some coffee.  My family can now go home and say they officially did the Seattle thing.
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Grandma bought a pretty green necklace in the gift shop.  Not sure how they did it, but they made the emerald out of something that blew out of Mt. St. Helens during the eruption.
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Grandma is ready for a nap after all that sightseeing and shopping!
The Space Needle has a web page you can visit by clicking here.


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