Family Visit To Seattle
In May of 2002 my Grandma, Aunt and Dad came out for a visit to Seattle.
It was excellent to have some family around in my favorite city.
Thanks for coming out, guys!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Space Needle Visit Pictures
wpe1.jpg (128916 bytes)
See Grandma in the corner?
wpeB.jpg (23516 bytes)
Snapped this at Than Bros. Pho shop.
Don't think they had eaten pho before.
wpe8.jpg (31273 bytes)
We used our brand new grill to cook dinner one night.
wpeD.jpg (115123 bytes)
We all ate dinner one night in the hotel.  We are now full and all ready to take a nap!

EMP Visit Pictures
wpe35.jpg (119959 bytes)
The hotel on the edge of Lake Union.
wpe37.jpg (85723 bytes)
A zoomed in view of the hotel.  It has the big flag on top.

Ballard's Beautiful Chittenden Locks
wpe39.jpg (39342 bytes)
Over the balcony inside the hotel Grandma and Aunt Diane appear tired but happy.
wpe23.jpg (68150 bytes)
The Freemont Bridge: Golden Gardens:
wpe1D.jpg (41843 bytes)
We were stopped at the Freemont Bridge.
wpe1B.jpg (77538 bytes)
Bridge goes up...
wpe19.jpg (76232 bytes)
bridge goes down.
wpe1F.jpg (74385 bytes)
Aunt Diane takes in the view at Golden Gardens on the west edge of Ballard.
wpe21.jpg (52672 bytes)
Of course as soon as Aunt D sneezes, we take her picture!  Sorry Auntie! :)
wpe25.jpg (90040 bytes)
Ready for a nap!

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