Lake Washington Ship Canal and the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks
This was the last big sightseeing side trip for my family during their visit.  From the gardens, to the squirrels, to the boats, to the locks, to the salmon ladders this park is always a nice place to stop.  We were a little tired, but the locks are always worth visiting.  Plus you can get fish-n-chips from the Totem House restaurant across the street when you are done touring.
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Aunt Diane makes a new friend.  I call him Squirrley.
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The salmon slide downstream through those tubes with the water coming out of them.  Later we saw a seal swimming around down there!
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You can go underground and see the salmon swimming through the ladder in the locks.
Click here to visit the official site for the Chittenden Locks wpe3C.jpg (50530 bytes)
Wait until you guys read that sign!  It was a long trip for these guys to get to Seattle but hopefully interesting and unique things like this made it worthwhile!
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Aunt D, Jody and Gramma take in the view behind a sculpture.


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